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Pearl is meticulously designed and planned to enhance its environs and create a residential enclave so unique that it feels like a natural resort.

Building Information provided below including documents and forms, Click on any item in list for quick access to that information

Design Guidelines Booklet and Application Form


Home owners in Pearl at Valla are very passionate about the Design Guidelines as they strongly believe they ensure the standard of homes built around them is maintained. In summary, building in Pearl should be in keeping and enhance the local area and be a coastal and contemporary style.


Pearl at Valla Design Guidelines


To access a copy of our Design Guidelines, please click here.

Pearl at Valla Design Guidelines


Important points to consider when designing your new home & surrounds:

  • Your home should be the focal point from the street, all auxiliary items such as sheds, pergolas, above ground rainwater tanks etc. that can be seen from the street will be encouraged to be set back from the front of your home and screening will be required, whether that be wooden or plants – this needs to be completed or planted within 3 months of completion of the auxiliary items. All auxiliary items visible from the street need to be approved by the Pearl Design Review Committee (DRC)
  • Your facade should include at least 3 different types of material (not including glass) and the home needs a minimum 600mm eaves
  • External boundaries must be wildlife friendly, so if the wildlife find their way into your yard, they are able to leave the yard – these include post and rail fences or vegetation screening
  • Garages should be stepped back at least 1m front the front of the home
  • Rainwater tank size is a minimum of 75,000 litres, however 10,000 litres of this is to be capped off for the use of bushfire protection with a Storz Fitting
  • Minimum house / roof covering area to be 250m2 to ensure sufficient water is collected
  • You are not permitted to build a shed or live onsite until you receive the Certificate of Completion from your builder


Lodging your application with our Design Review Committee (DRC) MUST be done prior to applying for your DA Approval from Nambucca Council. If changes are required, you will need to change your DA application, which could attract additional fees.  


Application Form


To access a copy of our Application Form, please click here.


Design Review Application Process:

  • Please ensure your builder completes the Application Form and ensures all documents are completed and submitted by email to the Design Review Committee (DRC)
  • Important you work through the Check List on your application form. If you are planning any outbuildings such as sheds or studios, please ensure you include these with your application (this must also include plans, a siting, colour selection & screening options)
  • Any applications received after the main dwelling (such as shed etc.) will be an additional $140 cost to the Home Owner
  • Email your plans to the Design Review Committee: and ensure you copy the Pearl team
  • The Pearl team will send a copy of your plans to our Acoustic Engineer to provide an acoustic report, which you will require when lodging your DA Application with Nambucca Council – this will be sent direct to your builder normally within 5 business days

The Design Review Committee approval process takes 10 business days – all contact information is listed on our website and in the Design Guidelines booklet

Sewer Info - Enviro One                     

Even though you are living on acreage, there is no need for a septic or bio cycle system. Included in your land purchase price is an Enviro One Sewer System, which connects to the Nambucca sewer system, who offer a 24/7 maintenance service.


You or your builder will need to contact our Pearl team at least one week prior to anticipated sewer connection and the unit will be shipped directly to your building site – note, please ensure there are trades personnel onsite the day of this tailgate delivery.


Enviro One Brochure


Enviro One Installation Guide

Enviro One System




NBN in Pearl - Skymuster Information                     

There is no fixed line NBN in Pearl, clients are able to join the SkyMuster program via the NBN which has a satellite dish installed on the roof of the home. 


ADSL lines are available which residents can connect with whilst ADSL remains available.


Skymaster Information                            



Bushfire Reports                     

All lots in Pearl require a bushfire report and will be required to build to a maximum BAL29. Reports are based on a 10m front setback and the closer you move your home towards the rear of the building envelope, the higher the BAL rating. 


Bushfire Risk Report


Please Note: We have updated amendments of this report available for Lots 13; 14; and 44


A majority of vegetation behind the Building Envelopes is now protected vegetation, permits and environmental assessments will be required for any removal - this will be at the purchaser’s own cost.



Acoustic Reports                     

All lots in Pearl require an acoustic report and this will be prepared for you when the Application Form is submitted to the Design Review Committee for approval. These reports will be forwarded to your builder once received.



Technical Information

Links are also provided below to important documents.


Plan of Pearl Subdivision


Pearl Masterplan


Engineering Complete Info  - Constructed plans which include contours, electrical and sewer



General Information                     

Living in Pearl offers the majority of your “normal” facilities of “town living” – Australia Post delivers your mail and parcels; Nambucca Council collects your rubbish. Local shopping hub and cafes are all close by. Once you have settled and hold title, you will be able to apply for your Rural Road Number from Council.


Rural Road Number Application Form


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